Apprenticeship Standards

All further education providers will need to abide by the new Apprenticeship Standards by August 2020, which are replacing the old frameworks that had attracted criticism from employers for failing to meet their needs. 

These Standards have been shaped by employers to ensure training is robust and fit-for-purpose, but also flexible and can be easily adapted as employer-need changes. They will also raise and standardise the skill level and competency for a range of occupations. 

Meeting the needs of employers is essential and the College is committed to preparing apprentices to succeed in the workplace. At City College Plymouth, we will achieve this by ensuring that training is logical and methodical, and sees apprentices first focusing on the basic skills that are essential for their jobs. Once these have been mastered, their training will progress to allow them to gain a more detailed level of knowledge and more advanced skills.

To ensure quality, every Standard is a minimum of a year, with apprentices spending at least 20% of their time in off-the-job training. Each Standard has an end-point assessment to check apprentices are job-ready.

The Ofsted framework introduced in September also requires the development of other skills that are essential for progression and development: the so-called “softer skills”, such as team-work, resilience and communication will be at the heart of everything that is done here at the College.

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